Yoga Mystique


Some purist yoga teachers don’t agree with using music with yoga practice as it is outside ‘traditional yoga practices’. Times have changed, and particularly in the west, we are bombarded with noise and information every second of every day. The power of music to soothe and focus overloaded minds has been proven time over, and is a powerful and subtle tool to aid in ‘letting go’. The music of Pravana is created with all this in mind, and designed to be used as a tool to escape from the craziness and inspire the imagination.

Yoga Dreaming was created by fusing elements of Indian music with the didgeridoo, and some Celtic elements. Yoga Mysitque draws on sounds from North Africa and the Middle East. This combination is then blended with traditional sounds from India and the Australian didgeridoo.

Yoga Mystique creates a unique atmosphere to enhance your yoga experience.  Hauntingly beautiful melodies and sensual rhythmic soundscapes will take you on a journey along the Northern African Mediterranean coastline from Cassablanca all the way to Turkey onboard an Indian Pattamar. This music is the perfect companion for a yoga or meditation session or just chillin out.


Introducing Yoga Mystique

Union of Souls



Floating on the Nile